Comms Connect Exhibition

See us at Comms Connect in Melbourne 23-24 November at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.  We’re exhibiting our latest R&D developments. Talk to Radlink engineers about RevelocPLUS which leverages existing digital radio systems to manage a myriad of on-site processes such as blast zone warnings, paperless pre-start checks and weather advisory alerts. Our genZ batteries are the latest in safe lithium energy storage and our automated trailers are rugged yet so simple to use. We’re at Stand 104.

genZ launch to WA Mining Club

Media personality Russell Woolf was a first class Master of Ceremonies at the October WA Mining Club lunch where Radlink were sponsors.  At the Hyatt event we featured the new genZ modular rack units – engineered and designed in Australia and ideal for the harshest of mining environments.

All 280 guests were delighted to receive our gift of a powerful sleek powerbank charger,  and Russell Woolf expressed his delight on behalf of everyone.

Russell was on a flying visit to Perth from the wilds of Minnesota.   Read more about genZ.

Watch our new automated solar trailer in action

They’re designed to be easy to tow, and simple to set up. We have fully automated versions that work over RF. They come complete and self-sustaining and are easily towed by light vehicles. All our equipment is designed and proven to be rugged and reliable even when used in some of the country’s most remote and hostile environments. See our 1:32 video.

Radlink keynoting at Perth lithium battery conference 7th September

Global interest in lithium batteries has generated state-of-the-art breakthroughs, moving away from traditional lead acid batteries in favour of lithium based batteries. This conference explores industry issues and experts will share technical knowledge on how the upsurge of lithium battery demand will affect the mining, technology, manufacturing, solar, electric vehicles and dangerous goods industries.

Simon Chan – Radlink Chief Engineer – is an energy storage design specialist.  In our search for suitable alternative energy harvesting and storage technologies, we have partnered with a lithium battery supplier to offer turn-key energy storage design, manufacture, supply, maintenance and support in Australia. Simon will be sharing his recent experiences with lithium battery technology in a highly practical and engaging technical presentation. Register here for Lithium Batteries WA Conference.

Radlink Chief Engineer key-note speaker on our ‘safe lithium’ battery technology

Simon Chan, Radlink Chief Engineer & Energy Storage Design Specialist, will be sharing his knowledge & experience with the ‘safe lithium’ (LFP) batteries in his keynote speech at the IDC Lithium Batteries Conference.

Radlink’s GenZ battery range of Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) batteries are also known as the ‘safe lithium’ in industry, because of their low risk of combustion & explosion when operated in harsh, high temperature environments. LFP also ticks all the boxes when it comes to long life, size, weight & cost per kWh per cycle.

In this workshop he will discuss:

  • the technology & the key principles of designing scalable energy storage solutions using LFP batteries
  • how to charge these batteries with conventional lead acid chargers as well as PV technologies
  • recent industry case studies

See him @ Rydges North Sydney 24-25 May and download brochure here.

GenZ LFP powerpack



Jason summits Everest for Mitch!

Word was received yesterday that at 6:45am, 50 year old Australian builder & carpenter Jason Snell achieved the Everest summit.  Adventures Global website posted “CONGRATULATIONS Kevin Farebrother, Jason Snell, James Roth, Furi Sherpa, “Big” Lhakpa Sherpa, “Small” Lhakpa Sherpa and Tendi Sherpa. You guys rock. Savour the moment and start moving down safely. The Summit no longer Awaits!!”

Jason was inspired to climb Mt Everest for his mate Mitch Cleary who is 26 years old & living in a rehab centre after an unprovoked one-punch attack 3 years ago. Jason aims to make life better for his mate, seeking to raise $50,000 to cover the costs of Mitch’s ongoing therapies for 12 months & the equipment & modifications required to his family’s house.  Jason was able to stay in touch with his family at every stage of his climb with the sattphone provided by Radlink. Read more…..


TETRA Solution for Rio Olympics Communication Success

SIRCE, Rio de Janeiro state’s integrated radio critical communication system, will play a vital role in communications at the Rio Olympics, supporting more than 18,000 police radios. SIRCE, provided by Teltronic, is part of the Sepura group.

Base stations with up to 12 TETRA transceivers will support high traffic loads throughout the event; a CeCoCo Control Centre will support over 100 dispatch operators; and Teltronic’s Synchronous Data Manager application will pare down the GPS refresh time in AVL applications.

At the International Critical Communication Awards the SIRCE solution has been awarded:

  • Best Use of Control Room Systems – winner
  • Best use of TETRA for Public Safety – finalist
  • Green Technology – finalist
  • Excellence in Radio Sites and Services – finalist

“Rio de Janeiro now has one of the most modern and intelligent integrated critical communications systems in the world, enabling uninterrupted contact in case of emergency,” said Security Secretary Jose Mariano Beltrame.

Superintendent of Critical Communications at the Security Secretariat of the State, Colonel Alexandre Corval, commented: “We are confident that this extension to the existing Teltronic TETRA system will optimise our mission critical communications, enhancing the security of both visitors and employees throughout Rio 2016.”

Moving Mountains for Mitch

50 year old builder & carpenter Jason Snell left Australia on March 29th  inspired to climb Mt Everest for his mate Mitch Cleary who is 26 years old & living in a rehab centre after an unprovoked one-punch attack 3 years ago. Jason wants to make life better for his mate, seeking to raise $50,000. This will cover the costs of Mitch’s ongoing therapies for 12 months & the equipment & modifications required to his family’s house, so the Cleary family can bring their son home.

“When I’m inevitably exhausted, freezing cold, & trying with every part of my mind, body & soul to just place one foot in front of the other, I’ll think of Mitch. The pain & memories of my challenge, which I have willingly chosen, will fade with time. As for Mitch – he will awake to a new Everest everyday,” said Snell.

Jason’s attempt to climb Mt Everest is with the aid of a satellite phone donated by Radlink to keep him connected to family, media & emergency services.

To donate to Jason’s campaign “Moving Mountains For Mitch” click on the link This fundraising campaign has been made possible via the support of Bridging Communities Inc.

#immitchsmate     #movingmountainsformitch

International honour for Radlink

Radlink, along with other outstanding companies, talented individuals and innovative solutions, was celebrated for excellence at the recent International Critical Communications Awards in London.The awards categories offer recognition of high achievement for products, applications and solutions across the full range of TETRA activity, in both mission critical and business critical organizations.Radlink’s entry into the Outstanding Single-site TETRA Installation category was a finalist for the Treasury Hotel & Casino Brisbane project. This is a fantastic achievement and recognises the quality and innovative nature of the work of Radlink. The winner was Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH, Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group (WB) and the other finalist was IMF & Riedel Communications, Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games.

At the 2015 awards, Radlink was Joint Winner for the BVR5000 Controller with Finland’s Suomen Virveverkko Oy for the Hybrid Approach to LTE.

Radlink’s BVR5000 honoured with its second international award

Best TETRA Innovation at 2015 International TETRA Awards

The gala dinner and ceremony for the 2015 International TETRA Awards took place at The Landmark  London, on 5 March 2015 where Radlink, along with other outstanding companies, talented individuals and innovative solutions were celebrated for their excellence. The awards categories offer recognition of high achievement for products, applications and solutions across the full range of TETRA activity, in both mission critical and business critical organizations.

Radlink was Joint Winner for the BVR5000 Controller with Finland’s Suomen Virveverkko Oy for the Hybrid Approach to LTE. Click here to watch Nic Stone’s acceptance speech.

Radlink has developed SCADA telemetry transmission by adapting SDS to fit-for-purpose TETRA radios. This means that relevant packages of data (up to 140 bytes) can be sent between the asset and the control centre on the TETRA radio network per TDMA slot at six times per second.

The BVR5000 features a dual processor, Linux-enabled industrial computer base with HDMI, quad USB 2.0 ports, and dual Gigabit LAN ports. It has self-test and self-diagnostics capabilities, which enable Radlink to track a board’s performance over the TETRA network.

The BVR5000 is a protocol converter: it takes MODBUS TCP packets from the SCADA master and converts them to proprietary SDS packets. SDS is transmitted to a slave, which then converts it to MODBUS RTU protocol.

The judge’s said this is an ‘Excellent product that has been missing from the TETRA vendor community for opening up SCADA opportunities’.

Radlink CEO Ed Neilan said “These are exciting times and we are delighted to congratulate our Solutions Team as they create leading products that give customers the most from their TETRA systems.”

Nominations were judged by communications experts and authorities from across the globe, seeking evidence of flair, initiative and enterprise beyond the ordinary.

“We are delighted at the level of support these Awards receive. Critical communications play a crucial role around the world, and the TETRA Awards provide a platform to showcase the innovations, hard work and achievements of our industry,” said Phil Kidner, CEO of the Tetra and Critical Communications Association (TCCA).

Other Finalists in this category were:

  • Airbus Defence and Space – P8GR – an active TETRA pager from Airbus Defence and Space
  • Funk Electronic Piciorgros – TTS-2000 TETRA Coverage Analyzer
  • Motorola Solutions – RTVi over TEDS – Successful Trials In Norway
  • Panorama Antennas – GPSB “Sharkee” multifunction shark fin antenna
  • Radio Systems Information – Aries TETRA Network Performance Monitoring
  • Sepura – IP67 Ultra CSM (Controller Speaker Microphone)
  • Teltronic – TETRA solution from Teltronic for Moatize-Nacala corridor

National Award for Technical Excellence

The Australian peak body for radio communications last night awarded Radlink  Projects Supervisor Beau Heron,  the technical excellence award.  Here are some extracts from the citation relating to his win:

Beau has worked tirelessly on numerous TETRA radio deployments including FMG’s rail project from inception to completion with outstanding results. He has provided ongoing network advice, development, and operational improvements over the deployed TETRA networks, implementing multiple system first applications, which have created excellent customer focussed outcomes such as;

  • Emergency tones operating over multiple talkgroups to reduce operational impact during emergencies, so as to not close down multiple pits
  • Lightning warning channel providing 24×7 information to all radio users to ensure compliance during wet season operations.
  • Geolocation advance warning for blast zones in active blast areas providing operational safety into hazardous areas.

Beau has provided unwavering support for the job at hand always working through all challenges with stakeholders, providing excellent outcomes for clients improving safety, production and efficiency utilising existing infrastructure to provide cost effective solutions.

Beau’s commitment to the job at hand is second to none and leaves him highly regarded among his peers and team mates.

Congratulations Beau!

WAITTA accolade for Radlink chief engineer

The prestigious Professional Achiever Award is given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the state’s  ICT industry. Simon Chan was awarded because “he has an extremely rare technical skill-set…. his electronic engineering capabilities span a number of disciplines including hardware, software development and project management.

“All of these attributes have enabled him to achieve exceptional outcomes in the design and  development of the Radlink controller and associated software applications as well as many previous innovational projects. Throughout his career he has been the unsung hero behind many successful,  innovative and robust ICT products.

“He has also assisted many young engineers, programmers and technicians to further their personal expansion and assist them in their career progressions. Simon possesses the ability to easily communicate complex concepts across a wide audience which is extremely rare in the industry. ….

“In closing, Simon is not only an innovator; he is also a driver and completer ensuring that promised expectations are always met. ” Simon is pictured with The Hon Michael Mischin MLC (right).

Radlink could not be more delighted with Simon’s success.

Simon Chan Wins National Award

We are so proud that our Chief Engineer, Simon Chan, was last night declared National ICT Professional of the Year at the Australian Computer Society’s Digital Disruptors Awards. The awards theme was reshaping Australia to prosper in the digital future. (Digital disruption refers to changes enabled by digital technologies that occur at a pace and magnitude that disrupt established ways of value creation, social interactions, doing business and more generally our thinking.) So CONGRATULATIONS SIMON on your 2nd award for 2015: he also won WA Professional of the Year at Incite Awards.

Hear Simon’s edited informative interview discussing the BVR Controller:

Executive Discovery Sessions


The opportunity to engage at a strategic level with “your company” to establish an innovation “Think tank”.

Although “your company” has already made a number of strategic decisions regarding communications requirements, it is well known that there are a number of challenges moving forward to meet aggressive and ambitious timelines. Radlink can assist across many of the key communications projects. By working with management and priming executive discovery workshops (EDW’s) we are able to collaborate with the client and demonstrate a robust and achievable roadmap to achieve operational and strategic goals.

Value proposition to “your company”

Operational staff are faced with major challenges to deliver an integrated communications platform across the whole mine and logistics eco-system. The low commodity prices and other challenges mean that the organisation is pressured to innovate to meet harsh industry and business demands. Having an external advisor with a depth and breadth of technical knowledge willing to expose and pressure test the key areas makes a lot of sense.

Furthermore, given the technical capabilities and experience in Mining and Oil & Gas operations, the quality of outputs will be superior. Through the program of EDWs, an action plan and roadmap will be developed. Conducting these workshops will uncover “your company’s” challenges and areas in which Radlink can refine your offer in products and services.

Investment and roadmap for the future

Develop a globally recognised roadmap towards LTE and convergent communications technologies.

Contact Radlink CEO – Ed Neilan for a booking. (08) 6278 0600

Increasing demands for new data apps

End users are now demanding increasing amounts of data and functionality from their communications. Technologies such as TETRA, TEDS and DMR data have very real and useful benefits.

Handling more data in day-to-day operations is becoming increasingly requested. The most commonly used data applications are personnel monitoring, man-down capability, remote control of devices, and the GPS functions. The main barriers to use of new data applications tend to be ‘budget limitations’ as the leading factor, followed by ‘not supported by networks’. The other challenge is ‘frequency/capacity issues’. All of which are addressed and proven in the TETRA radio market.

Data is not expensive to run across TETRA networks as the main costs are already in the radio set up. The ability to run a control channel makes it extremely economical as TETRA is spectrum efficient. Data use on radio networks is anticipated to increase steadily over the coming years as companies focus on efficiency, reliability, productivity and innovation. The technology is already here, but few senior management seem to be fully aware of what they are missing out on.

With the transition to digital gathering momentum, many more users will want access to data functionality over their network. Importantly, data needed for all of the commercial benefits does not require high band width, so it can easily fit on the TETRA control channel. There is also the benefit of important control over the network using the same hardware.

Mission-critical users utilising commercial networks are at the mercy of network traffic, whereas private networks give security and mission critical with added data capability.

Like the transition to digital, the migration to private LTE is expected to take many, many years. Standards and quality will present years of hurdles to fully integrate LTE with digital radio.

TETRA is already proven and  being used by leading companies because it adds the ability to utilise data over the same network.

The power of data

Why haven’t senior management jumped on board this new ability in radio’s?

The dominant form of critical communications has and always will be rf radio comm’s. digital business strategies in the rf market have been lagging behind the mobile communications market whilst a lot of the functionality is available on newer handsets. large scale businesses using radio comm’s should now be looking to get efficiencies and innovation from the new generation radios. particularly data and the real time efficiencies it can bring. the roi on using technology is not missed in most businesses. but for whatever reason, traditional radio users are slow to take up the new innovations that others take for granted on mobile phone app’s these days.

It is a new era for radio handsets that can deliver data in real time as well as critical comm’s.

The ROI, payback and efficiency savings are astounding if you just apply the labour value savings a few app’s can have across thousands of radio users per day.

Why haven’t senior management jumped on board this new ability in radio’s? it is not through lack of information being put out by the industry. it may be the filter of it or operations departments struggling with the day to day grapple of commerce in the downturn of the economy.

Yet one would have thought that utilising technology on your prime means of communication was a priority when you see the millions of dollars being passed up on an annual basis in larger companies.

Innovative app’s save time, drive safety, labour savings and efficiencies that replicate that of mobile phone app’s

Perhaps it will take further downsizing of industries to see the obvious. no one these days drives to the bank in the city to transfer money from an account. it can all be done in a minute or two with an application. these days there is very little that a radio cannot do as well. it is only limited by the business take up speed.

The dawn of a new era in radio communications is quickly applying the same app’s as mobile phones across secure networks

For more information on how your company can gain efficiency and utilise innovation to improve business returns, contact our specialists at radlink communications because we are the independent provider of choice in radio and wireless integration solutions.

Radlink white papers

We have been internationally recognised and awarded for the development of new technology in the ICT space.

Watch this space as we will be uploading a number of white papers shortly.

For further information on Radlink research and development, please contact us 1300 73 55 83 or

National Iawards finalists in 2 categories

Finalists – national iawards

Having won three ICT awards in Western Australia at the WAITTA  awards Radlink  progresses to the national iAwards as finalists in August.

The BVR 5000 – SCADA Controller won 2 awards and Radlink’s Chief Engineer, Simon Chan,  garnered the prestigious WA  Professional Achiever award.

The iAwards have been  honouring Australian companies and individuals at the cutting edge of technology innovation for over 20 years.

Click here to see Simon Chan, Radlink Chief Engineer,  talk briefly about the BVR5000 Controller.

BVR5000 wins 2 WAITTA awards

Radlink celebrates again!

Already with 2 international awards under our belt for the BVR5000 product,  we won 3 more awards at WAITTA:  the Industrial Award, the Resources Award (both for BVR5000 Controller) and Radlink Chief Engineer Simon Chan took out the Professional Achiever of the Year award.   We congratulate our R&D team for their outstanding work.   {Ed Neilan Radlink CEO & Simon Chan (L)  pictured with awards}

A thrilled Simon Chan said  “this is just the beginning for our BVR5000.  It can be applied across sectors from transport to emergency services to resources because it is able to translate information from multiple devices into one data language.  It enables a handheld radio or a Remote Operations Centre in a distant city to work with equipment rather than a bloke hopping into a car and driving to deploy or check them. The BVR5000 uses existing voice radio networks so equipment can be controlled and monitored from afar.  This represents enormous reductions in overheads like wage and vehicle costs, as well as safety benefits.” See Simon Chan talk briefly about BVR5000.    And click here to find out  more about BVR5000.

Identifying the need for a flexible and rugged field-based embedded control unit, Radlink investigated the market to see what was available.  After comprehensive research it was soon established that there was nothing to fit their emerging client requirements. The R&D team scoped, designed and developed the BVR controller to be flexible, addressing diverse industry and operational needs as well as providing the reliability required to operate in harsh field environments.

Radlink CEO Ed Neilan said “this nomination further endorses  Radlink as a global player in the area of wireless communications systems across all industry sectors”.

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