Radlink Communications Brisbane

Queensland’s experts in radio communication

Brisbane-based Radlink Communications provides wireless integration and radio communication services and networks designed to suit unique industrial and commercial communication needs. Our wireless systems can be customised to operate remotely. We also offer solar powered options, GPS fitted mobile radios and straightforward network solutions for new projects.

Different locations throughout Australia call for different communication infrastructure. Radlink Communications in Virginia is more than equipped to deal with the complicated worlds of deep mining, oil and gas, local council, construction, which require technologically advanced and completely reliable communication products and services. Radlink engineers and technicians are skilled and prepared for these industry needs.

Superior design, manufacture, installation and local technical support places us firmly amongst the leaders in wireless and communication solutions and services, which include:

  • System design and installations
  • Rentals
  • Optical fibre communications
  • Managed services, and sales
  • Consulting services
  • Technical training
  • Site surveys
  • Discovery sessions

We provide finely tuned connection solutions to out-of-the-way places, underground operations, complicated developments, and large-scale mobile and fixed locations.

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78 Pritchard Rd Virginia Queensland 4014


Monday – Friday 8:30am -5:00pm

Telephone number:

1300 735 583

1300 735 583

(07) 3637 5899

78 Pritchard Rd VIRGINIA QLD 4014

PO Box 107 GEEBUNG QLD 4034

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