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Reliable, scalable and flexible radio communications are essential on every mine site. At Radlink, we work with Australia’s biggest mining companies and are leaders in the design, supply and installation of advanced digital communication networks for the industry. Radio handsets can deliver data in real time as well as critical communications. With over 100 Tetra nodes installed, Radlink is a market leader in Australia. Contact our team of experts today.

Oil & gas

Certified intrinsically safe communications equipment

Threats from explosive gas or combustible dust exist in many business operations.  Safe, reliable communication is absolutely critical in such dangerous environments.

It’s essential that a radio handset is not a source of ignition. Radlink can supply intrinsically safe equipment designed for use in hazardous classified atmospheres. Specific radios meet the international and domestic safety standards used in Australia.

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Manufacturing plants provide a unique set of challenges for radio systems. High noise environments and large machinery mean that reliable communications is vital for productivity.

Radlink can design a radio system with the following features:

  • Eliminate or reduce black spots
  • Noise cancelling radios for crystal clear audio in high noise environments
  • Emergency or Duress systems including lone worker and man down
  • SCADA integration, live alarms sent from machinery to the radios
  • GPS location tracking – indoor and outdoor
  • Durable radios including submersible options

Radlink also provides Wi-Fi and wireless point-to-point data solutions.

Power & water solutions

Power and water solutions

Whether you’re in a power station, a desalination plant or a dam catchment area, you need reliable and instant communications. As your distance from base increases, the need for end-to-end services increases.

We can design, supply and install digital radio communications, which will keep all parts of your operation in constant and immediate contact. Radlink supplies radio equipment to Western Power and the WA Water Corporation.

Our new battery technology provides market-leading technology. Contact us today about how to improve your radio communication systems.


Communications along the length of a railway line present their own unique challenges. Radlink can design, supply and install a radio solution, which will link a train crew with several bases, wherever the train is along the line. Our networks also allow nearby road vehicles to communicate with the train crew; and can transmit important data, such as speed and location, back to a central monitoring station. Radlink has delivered TETRA radio scanners for blue chip clients across Australia.


Port operations present a special set of demands for radio communications – ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore and shore-to-shore. Berthing and departures are radio-controlled, as is the loading and unloading of bulk cargo; so container cranes and transporters must be part of the communications network. The harbour authorities also need to communicate with the public who are using recreational craft in their area. We have experience in designing and installing complex integrated radio networks for ports – including the Port Authority’s radio networks.

Our communications engineers and technicians come from all over the world and bring a vast array of skills and experience with them. They have served in frontline positions and control rooms in military operations, served police and emergency services, and assisted multiple commercial, industrial and retail businesses, universities and government agencies.

With a team of over 100 communications specialists, we’ll find radio systems that work for you.

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Emergency services & public safety

Keeping the public safe and secure

Whether you are fighting a fire, saving a life, directing traffic or solving a crime, you need a reliable communications network to speed your back-up and information flow. Radlink can provide wide area coverage on modern digital radio systems – clear, low noise voice radio as well as data transmission.

The latest handsets include:

  • Bluetooth audio
  • GPS
  • Text messaging
  • Priority calling
  • Group call
  • Data applications

These advanced features offer responsive and efficient communications between users.


Watch out above, look out below

Construction projects employ thousands of workers in a huge range of different trades and disciplines. Safety and communications is critical to worksites with lots of equipment and movable machinery interacting with people. We can provide multi-channel radio networks to ensure simple and clear communication between everyone who is onsite without cross-channel interference. Safety features are also available on digital radios.

Local government

Linking local services

Radlink’s flexible, intuitive radio communication networks can handle the day-to-day demand of multiple locations and fleet vehicles, which are responsible for a wide range of local government services. Our hand-held and in-vehicle radios are durable, compact and have an excellent battery life. They also offer private and secure communications. Advanced digital technology gives you the options of;

  • Bluetooth audio
  • GPS
  • Text messaging
  • Priority calling
  • Group call
  • Data applications

Venues & events

Instant communication for better crowd control

If you’re running a big event – either indoors or outside – clear and instant communication between facilities staff or security personnel is your number one priority. Radlink provides radio communication equipment for all sorts of venue operations, crowd control, security and emergency management. Our wireless solutions give you effective site-wide communications regardless of the size of the area. We can also set communication links between sites. Our rental fleet consists of over 5,000 handsets. Radlink provides radio communications to Challenge Stadium, Perth Arena, NIB Stadium, the WACA and Venues West.

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