BVR5000 wins 2 WAITTA awards

Radlink celebrates again!

Already with 2 international awards under our belt for the BVR5000 product,  we won 3 more awards at WAITTA:  the Industrial Award, the Resources Award (both for BVR5000 Controller) and Radlink Chief Engineer Simon Chan took out the Professional Achiever of the Year award.   We congratulate our R&D team for their outstanding work.   {Ed Neilan Radlink CEO & Simon Chan (L)  pictured with awards}

A thrilled Simon Chan said  “this is just the beginning for our BVR5000.  It can be applied across sectors from transport to emergency services to resources because it is able to translate information from multiple devices into one data language.  It enables a handheld radio or a Remote Operations Centre in a distant city to work with equipment rather than a bloke hopping into a car and driving to deploy or check them. The BVR5000 uses existing voice radio networks so equipment can be controlled and monitored from afar.  This represents enormous reductions in overheads like wage and vehicle costs, as well as safety benefits.” See Simon Chan talk briefly about BVR5000.    And click here to find out  more about BVR5000.

Identifying the need for a flexible and rugged field-based embedded control unit, Radlink investigated the market to see what was available.  After comprehensive research it was soon established that there was nothing to fit their emerging client requirements. The R&D team scoped, designed and developed the BVR controller to be flexible, addressing diverse industry and operational needs as well as providing the reliability required to operate in harsh field environments.

Radlink CEO Ed Neilan said “this nomination further endorses  Radlink as a global player in the area of wireless communications systems across all industry sectors”.

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