Executive Discovery Sessions


The opportunity to engage at a strategic level with “your company” to establish an innovation “Think tank”.

Although “your company” has already made a number of strategic decisions regarding communications requirements, it is well known that there are a number of challenges moving forward to meet aggressive and ambitious timelines. Radlink can assist across many of the key communications projects. By working with management and priming executive discovery workshops (EDW’s) we are able to collaborate with the client and demonstrate a robust and achievable roadmap to achieve operational and strategic goals.

Value proposition to “your company”

Operational staff are faced with major challenges to deliver an integrated communications platform across the whole mine and logistics eco-system. The low commodity prices and other challenges mean that the organisation is pressured to innovate to meet harsh industry and business demands. Having an external advisor with a depth and breadth of technical knowledge willing to expose and pressure test the key areas makes a lot of sense.

Furthermore, given the technical capabilities and experience in Mining and Oil & Gas operations, the quality of outputs will be superior. Through the program of EDWs, an action plan and roadmap will be developed. Conducting these workshops will uncover “your company’s” challenges and areas in which Radlink can refine your offer in products and services.

Investment and roadmap for the future

Develop a globally recognised roadmap towards LTE and convergent communications technologies.

Contact Radlink CEO – Ed Neilan for a booking. (08) 6278 0600

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