Increasing demands for new data apps

End users are now demanding increasing amounts of data and functionality from their communications. Technologies such as TETRA, TEDS and DMR data have very real and useful benefits.

Handling more data in day-to-day operations is becoming increasingly requested. The most commonly used data applications are personnel monitoring, man-down capability, remote control of devices, and the GPS functions. The main barriers to use of new data applications tend to be ‘budget limitations’ as the leading factor, followed by ‘not supported by networks’. The other challenge is ‘frequency/capacity issues’. All of which are addressed and proven in the TETRA radio market.

Data is not expensive to run across TETRA networks as the main costs are already in the radio set up. The ability to run a control channel makes it extremely economical as TETRA is spectrum efficient. Data use on radio networks is anticipated to increase steadily over the coming years as companies focus on efficiency, reliability, productivity and innovation. The technology is already here, but few senior management seem to be fully aware of what they are missing out on.

With the transition to digital gathering momentum, many more users will want access to data functionality over their network. Importantly, data needed for all of the commercial benefits does not require high band width, so it can easily fit on the TETRA control channel. There is also the benefit of important control over the network using the same hardware.

Mission-critical users utilising commercial networks are at the mercy of network traffic, whereas private networks give security and mission critical with added data capability.

Like the transition to digital, the migration to private LTE is expected to take many, many years. Standards and quality will present years of hurdles to fully integrate LTE with digital radio.

TETRA is already proven and  being used by leading companies because it adds the ability to utilise data over the same network.

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