Moving Mountains for Mitch

50 year old builder & carpenter Jason Snell left Australia on March 29th  inspired to climb Mt Everest for his mate Mitch Cleary who is 26 years old & living in a rehab centre after an unprovoked one-punch attack 3 years ago. Jason wants to make life better for his mate, seeking to raise $50,000. This will cover the costs of Mitch’s ongoing therapies for 12 months & the equipment & modifications required to his family’s house, so the Cleary family can bring their son home.

“When I’m inevitably exhausted, freezing cold, & trying with every part of my mind, body & soul to just place one foot in front of the other, I’ll think of Mitch. The pain & memories of my challenge, which I have willingly chosen, will fade with time. As for Mitch – he will awake to a new Everest everyday,” said Snell.

Jason’s attempt to climb Mt Everest is with the aid of a satellite phone donated by Radlink to keep him connected to family, media & emergency services.

To donate to Jason’s campaign “Moving Mountains For Mitch” click on the link This fundraising campaign has been made possible via the support of Bridging Communities Inc.

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