Jason summits Everest for Mitch!

Word was received yesterday that at 6:45am, 50 year old Australian builder & carpenter Jason Snell achieved the Everest summit.  Adventures Global website posted “CONGRATULATIONS Kevin Farebrother, Jason Snell, James Roth, Furi Sherpa, “Big” Lhakpa Sherpa, “Small” Lhakpa Sherpa and Tendi Sherpa. You guys rock. Savour the moment and start moving down safely. The Summit no longer Awaits!!”

Jason was inspired to climb Mt Everest for his mate Mitch Cleary who is 26 years old & living in a rehab centre after an unprovoked one-punch attack 3 years ago. Jason aims to make life better for his mate, seeking to raise $50,000 to cover the costs of Mitch’s ongoing therapies for 12 months & the equipment & modifications required to his family’s house.  Jason was able to stay in touch with his family at every stage of his climb with the sattphone provided by Radlink. Read more…..


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