National Award for Technical Excellence

The Australian peak body for radio communications last night awarded Radlink  Projects Supervisor Beau Heron,  the technical excellence award.  Here are some extracts from the citation relating to his win:

Beau has worked tirelessly on numerous TETRA radio deployments including FMG’s rail project from inception to completion with outstanding results. He has provided ongoing network advice, development, and operational improvements over the deployed TETRA networks, implementing multiple system first applications, which have created excellent customer focussed outcomes such as;

  • Emergency tones operating over multiple talkgroups to reduce operational impact during emergencies, so as to not close down multiple pits
  • Lightning warning channel providing 24×7 information to all radio users to ensure compliance during wet season operations.
  • Geolocation advance warning for blast zones in active blast areas providing operational safety into hazardous areas.

Beau has provided unwavering support for the job at hand always working through all challenges with stakeholders, providing excellent outcomes for clients improving safety, production and efficiency utilising existing infrastructure to provide cost effective solutions.

Beau’s commitment to the job at hand is second to none and leaves him highly regarded among his peers and team mates.

Congratulations Beau!

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