The power of data

Why haven’t senior management jumped on board this new ability in radio’s?

The dominant form of critical communications has and always will be rf radio comm’s. digital business strategies in the rf market have been lagging behind the mobile communications market whilst a lot of the functionality is available on newer handsets. large scale businesses using radio comm’s should now be looking to get efficiencies and innovation from the new generation radios. particularly data and the real time efficiencies it can bring. the roi on using technology is not missed in most businesses. but for whatever reason, traditional radio users are slow to take up the new innovations that others take for granted on mobile phone app’s these days.

It is a new era for radio handsets that can deliver data in real time as well as critical comm’s.

The ROI, payback and efficiency savings are astounding if you just apply the labour value savings a few app’s can have across thousands of radio users per day.

Why haven’t senior management jumped on board this new ability in radio’s? it is not through lack of information being put out by the industry. it may be the filter of it or operations departments struggling with the day to day grapple of commerce in the downturn of the economy.

Yet one would have thought that utilising technology on your prime means of communication was a priority when you see the millions of dollars being passed up on an annual basis in larger companies.

Innovative app’s save time, drive safety, labour savings and efficiencies that replicate that of mobile phone app’s

Perhaps it will take further downsizing of industries to see the obvious. no one these days drives to the bank in the city to transfer money from an account. it can all be done in a minute or two with an application. these days there is very little that a radio cannot do as well. it is only limited by the business take up speed.

The dawn of a new era in radio communications is quickly applying the same app’s as mobile phones across secure networks

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