The Voice of Experience in Radio Communication

Radlink was established in 2007 to fill a niche in the Western Australian market that required focused local technical support. We’ve since earned a reputation as one of the country’s leaders in radio technology solutions. Our service base also covers other areas of Australia, allowing us to offer a timely response to the needs of industry.

We’ve helped shopping centres, hospitals, universities and emergency service agencies build radio networks for communication and public safety. We’ve designed and installed communication systems for local governments, port authorities and utility companies to keep in touch with their employees. We’re widely respected as one of the largest suppliers of radio communication networks and equipment to the mining, and oil and gas industries, which present unique communication challenges in mission critical communications.

Our communications engineers and technicians are drawn from all over the world and bring vast skills from their broad collective experience. They have served in frontline and control room-type situations in military operations, police and emergency services as well as commercial industrial businesses, retail services, universities and government agencies.

We are registered electrical contractors, License No. EC11147 and EC78719 and have offices in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Emerald, Moranbah, Newcastle and Newman.

The Power of Independence

Some radio communication companies are allied to one supplier that locks you in to proprietary equipment and contracts. At Radlink, we’re proud of our independence as it allows us to evaluate and supply a variety of competing brands and then custom design networks that are best for your needs without being limited by our choice of equipment, radio standards, software or technology. We offer the latest developments across the board, increased functionality and competitive pricing.

Custom Solutions for Any Situation

Whether you need a simple, easy-to-use network for a building or small area, or a solar-powered network in a remote location handling 500 – 3500 radios along with data and GPS information – we can design, build, install, manage and service it all for you.

At Radlink, We Make it Work

Our mission is simple: to provide the right solution for our clients – and make it work.

This can-do attitude means we’ve helped our clients solve complex business problems by providing communication networks which go way beyond just voice radio. Our experience and independence across all product ranges and technologies lets us step back and choose the best components. Then we can design and integrate a solution that meets stringent customer requirements and provides a platform for the future.

With a team of over 100 communications specialists, no challenge is too big.



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